FUDX was born out of the need to cater the difficulty for restaurants to maintain a fleet of delivery executives and facilitate the in-house dinning process. Given the unending need for food and the rapid adoption of smart devices, it has been a great idea to start with Food, Medicines, Grocery and Dairy products delivery application as a service that not only caters to home delivery but also takes care of in room dining, upgrading the experience for Restaurants, Medicals, Mart and Dairies. Tapping this pocket, we aim to connect the customers to all possible products and enhance the customer experience of ordering.


Blockchain Based Hyperlocal Hospitality Ecosystem

FUDX is a 'one stop' delivery service that enables users to order anything they like from the nearest store in shortest amount of time using blockchain technology.The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for Hyperlocal Hospitality Ecosystem Delivery Utility & Rewards Token powered by Blockchain Technology

FUDX Coin will be issued against every transaction done on FUDX delivery and services app.

These tokens will be accrued to users wallet as a reward for availing service and being a customer of FUDX platform.

Customers can also buy tokens from crowd sale or on various CEX and DEX platforms at the given prevalent price.

Token thus accumulated can be exchanged for various gifts, goods and services at various merchants and online e commerce stores.

Tokens at merchant establishments & e commerce stores will be burnt in exchange for fiat money on a periodic basis thus reducing total supply and pushing up token value.

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Email : contact@fudxcoin.com
Web : https://www.fudxcoin.com
US : 1309, Coffeen Ave Ste 1200 sheridan WY 82801
UK : 127 Fencepiece Road, Ilford, Essex, United Kingdom, IG6 2LD

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